Before proceeding, make certain you can access your account! You will know you are logged in by seeing "My Account" in the main menu of the page and the Login/Register button in the upper right corner of the site will change to "Logout"


After you login to the site, click the "My Account" link on the main navigation menu as seen here (double tap on a tablet):

My Account Link

My Account Link

Once you are on your User Account page, there will be a tab called "Your Products". Click the tab "Your Products" as seen in this image: 

Your Account Product Tab

Your Products Tab

You will now be on the page for "Your Products" that is in your User Account section.  This page will present to you the products you own with links to the products, whether it be a video or a digital manual.  If this page is empty, you do not have any products assigned to you.  If you are missing products, please contact customer support.

Your Account Product Page

Your Products Page

After selecting a product, you will be on the product page.  The product will look something like this for videos. The PPGS Manual page will just informational text with links at the bottom of the page for downloading the PDF.

To play the chapters of the video, you click on each chapter listed below the video player.

Purchased Product Page

Product Page