Did you know that now you can change your username all you want? This is of course as long as someone else hasn't already taken the name you want.

Let us get started. First you will need to login by clicking the login button at the top of the screen.

Username Change Login Button

Login Button in Header

Once you are logged into the site, your main navigation menu will change, and you will then see "My Account" located next to the "Support" menu item. Click "My Account."

Username Change My Account Link

My Account Link

Now you are on your user page. Here you can do many things with your account. We are going to focus on Order History. Click the Orders tab in your account.

Drupal User Page

User Account Page

You will now see a listing of orders that have been completed with the user account you are using. If you completed orders with another account, those orders will not be in this listing. You can contact customer support to get accounts consolidated into one. This page will list orders with the following information Order Number, Created Date (when you first created the shopping cart), Updated date (the date you completed the shopping cart), the order total, and the status which will always show as "Completed" as you can only see orders that are completed on this page. To view an order just click the order number in the left most column.

Drupal User Page

User Orders Page