We test our website using the top four web browsers on the market: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. We only test the latest versions of each browser, we do not support old browsers. In our testing, we only use web browsers installed according to their manufacturer and only with no third party applications installed (no addons). You could be experiencing issues with the function or even access of the site that could be affected by software installed on your browser that you knowingly installed or unknowingly (spam).

This page will show you how to restart the four top web browser without extensions that support this type function.  This procedure may help to possibly eliminate problems you may be experiencing.

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Firefox supports restarting the browser with add-ons disabled.  Do restart without add-ons, go through the "Help" menu in the web browser.

Firefox Help menu

Firefox's Help Menu on a Mac


Chrome is the easiest of the browsers cause of function called "Incognito Window." This feature creates a new window that is physically separate from the existing Chrome windows allowing Chrome to disable add-ons and also not store any data.  This is accomplished by clicking the File menu or clicking the Wrench icon in the tool bar.

Chrome Incognito Window Start

Chrome's File Menu on a Mac

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer supports a "safe mode" that accomplishes the same function however it's not as simple to get to as the prior two web browsers.  The easiest way to restart IE without add-ons is to use the search tool in order to find a pre-made - but not accessible by default - shortcut that starts IE without add-ons.  Click your start button and in the search box type "internet explorer" and it will show a "program" that is named "Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)".  

Internet Explorer No Add-ons start

Internet Explorer Search to Disable Add-ons


Safari does not support this type of function.  In order to achieve the same results you must disable all your add-ons and extensions and restart the browser.  Refer to Safari help in the "Help" menu on how to accomplish this if you need to.

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