The Quick Instructions:

Go here and put in your email address to recieve a one-time login link via email. Have problems? Read the rest of this article below in detail.

The Detailed Instructions:

REQUIRED: First thing is you need to make certain you can receive emails from us. To do this add our email address as a confirmed/verified sender with your email service provider. Emails coming from out website come from the address:  This address is only used for important customer contact information it is never used for our email newsletters!

Resetting your password is done via a special link sent to your email account. You can request a new one-time login by following this link. It is vitally important to keep your email address on file correct and up-to-date.

This process fails if your account does not have an email address on record that you can access or the email address you are attempting to use is not on in our database. If the address does not exist in our database, an error will be presented on the screen when trying to process the password reset form saying that the address does not exist. 

Allow at least one hour to receive the email and also check all "spam" folders on your account. If you do not receive the email or you receive an error on the reset form, please send support a message by creating a ticket here on this site.

No access to the email account we may have on file? Submit a ticket and we will be happy to update your account to your current email address.

Receiving daily video by email does not mean you have an account! Because you receive emails from us (such as the Daily Video) does not mean your account on the website has the same email address.  The website and our email list are two completely separate entities. This is due to laws and regulations set forth by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 under United States law (Title 15 Chapter 103 of the US Code). As a small company, the best way for us to maintain strict adherence to the law is to maintain separate databases.