Playing online video can be very demanding on your Internet connection.  It can stress your Internet connection far more than just loading websites.  We often see people have problems playing videos but think their Internet connection isn't the problem cause they can load pages relatively fast and read email fast, but this is not the case.  Even though our videos are broken up into pieces some of the pieces can be as large as a full CD of data!  That it upwards of 700MB of data you are downloading to play the video online.  In the case where your Internet connection is to slow to play the video in real time you may see the videos starting and stopping on their own a lot.  Well there is a very simple solution to this problem!   It's called buffering of the video.

If you start to see problems with the videos starting and stopping on their own, use the video control to Pause the video.  While paused the video will still be pulling the video down in the background and buffering the video for playback.  The video player gives you a visual aid to see the buffering occuring.  As the video buffers the progress bar at the bottom of the video starts to fill up grey from left to right.  See this image:

Video Download Progress Bar

Video Progress Bar

You will notice above that you see the grey bar is far ahead of the cursur showing your current position indicating the player has a lot of the video already downloaded and you can play the video without issues. The red portion of the bar shows what has already played and already downloaded.

Be aware, we cannot control your internet connection or have any influence over how well it works.  That responsibility resides with you and your internet provider. Video playback problems due to poor download speeds is not something we control. Our videos use one of the largest content delivery networks in the world and hence download speed problems can be without a doubt always traced to another problem outside of our website.