Apple has made changes to iTunes interface and our instructions have not been updated yet. The process is still the same but the screenshots are no longer valid.

As with all devices, loading videos onto the iPad requires a computer and the computer must have iTunes installed in order to accomplish this task.  Loading videos onto an iPad from the video libary is a two step process.  First the videos must be loaded into iTunes.  Second the videos are then synced to the iPad through itunes.

Loading the videos into iTunes

After you have downloaded the MP4 or M4V version of the product video onto your computer and expanded the zip file you can then load these video files into iTunes.  From iTunes choose "File" -> "Add to Library"

iTunes Add to Library Menu Item

Add to Library

An open file dialog box will then open up...

Open Files Dialog

From here you can then select one or multiple files to load into the iTunes library.  Next is to switch libraries in iTunes to the "Movies" library.  In the "Movies" library you will see the movies you have just loaded.

Library Select

Library Screen

Now, with the iPad connnected via the USB cable, select your iPad device in the upper right hand corner of the screen

iTunes Device Button

iPad Device Button

Once on your iPad in iTunes you can now select the videos you would like to sync

Select the Videos to Sync

Now after that click "Apply" at the bottom of the screen.

Apply Button

Once that action is complete the videos will be on your iPad.  You can now eject the iPad from the computer using the eject button in iTunes - upper right corner of the window.

Playing the Videos on your iPad

On your iPad you will be using the video application to play the videos that have been loaded.  All iPad's have this application and it cannot be deleted - so it's there!  Look for this icon:

Icon for the Video Appliation

Once in the application you can select the video you want to play by touching it.  Then touch the play button to start the video.

Video Application Screen