The following instructions are written for Samsung Android Tablets.  Each manufacturer of Android tablets makes their devices differently and even the software is slightly modified.  Unfortunately we cannot write instructions against all the devices on the market.  Samsung tablets are the most popular of the Android tablets and hence we choose these tablet to use to write our instructions.  For other brands of Android tablets, you will have to consult the manufacturer on instruction how to load videos onto the device.

Samsung provides a client for their devises called Kies it is available for both Mac and PC.  This is by far the best way to load your videos onto your Samsung tablet.  The screenshots below are from a Mac but the windows are the same for both Mac and MS Windows.

Samsung Kies Software

Kies Screenshot from a Mac

With the device connected and Kies loaded you can click on "Videos" under "Connected devices" (see screenshot above).  This will show you all the videos that are on your device.

From here you click the "+" at the top of the screen to add videos to the device.   

The software will load the videos onto your device. Once this is completed you can then use the Video app to play the loaded video files.

Android Video App Icon on Screen

Video Player App Icon

Once you are in the video player application you will be presented with all the videos you have loaded onto your device.

Android Tablet Video Thumbnails

Thumnails of Videos on Android Player