Here at we sell our instruction products in two different formats. This is an explanation of the formats and how to order. The format for a video is also annotated on your sales order receipts for any prior purchases.

Digital Format

This is the default format pre-loaded into our shopping cart and represents 90% of the sales on products. Digital format is for downloading and viewing online - exactly like purchasing music on iTunes. You will never receive a physical product in the mail. We have wrote some very detailed instructions on how to access these products.

Hard Copy Format

This is the optional format for our products on the website and as the name implies this is a hard copy video or manual - you will receive a DVD in the mail for this product type. You are also entitled to the digital downloads of the products in this purchase as well. The price difference between the Digital Format and the Hard Copy Format includes the cost of the DVD and the shipping anywhere in the world - there is no additional shipping for a hard copy format.

Ordering the different formats

In our shopping cart there is always a format selector for each product that is sold in more than one format. Before adding the product to the cart confirm that you are purchasing the product that you want - change the drop down to Hard Copy if you are wanting a physical DVD or printed manual. If this drop down menu does not work then you either have JavaScript disabled in your browser or you are using an unsupported browser. The following image illustrates the product selection menu and where it is located on a product page.

Product Format

Product Selector in the Surge Shop