Occasionally we have someone report they have no sound on videos (both daily videos and product videos). The first thing to realize is that we would never put a video online without sound; therefore, sound issues arise from an array of computer settings that could affect the sound on your system.

With most devices, there are three different sound settings when you are playing a video through your web browser.

  1. Sound volume in the video player contained in the web browser
  2. Sound volume of your computer
  3. Sound volume of external speakers (doesn't apply to laptops, tablets, or smartphones)

You must check the sound and volume settings on all three of the above (for laptops only #1 and #2 apply). Since #2 and #3 deals with your individual system/hardware, we are unable to provide any assistance and can only highlight that they also affect the sound volume on our videos. The following will show you where to find the volume settings explained in #1 above - video player volume.


Special note about the 10 Free Videos and viewing on a mobile device. The videos autoplay, modern phones auto mute auto-playing videos by default. If you have no sound on the 10 Free Videos it is because your device has automatically muted the audio.

The YouTube video player volume settings are in the lower left corner of the video player, see Figure 1.

Figure 1. YouTube Volume Settings

Our product video player, the volume settings will be located in the lower right corning of the player, see Figure 2.

Figure 2. Product Player Volume Settings (New Player)

Our older video player will have a volume control in the lower right and is a little more difficult to use (this player is being replaced), see Figure 3.

Figure 3. Old Product Video Player Volume Settings