In January 2018, we had to make some significant changes to the way functions in regards to security. These changes have had a drastic effect on some users. We are an eCommerce website that processes payments over the web as you know and that requires us to maintain compliance with security standards. 

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) recently updated their guidance on some older Secure Socket Layer (SSL) methods used to secure transactions. The PCI standards have changed in regards to some older methods of creating a secure connection. These older methods are no longer considered safe enough to process sensitive payment data. To comply, we had to disable these older SSL protocols. Many older web browsers and smartphones use these older protocols.

In short, if you are using an old version of a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) or an Android phone still running an old release of Android OS you may no longer be able to access the website. The only fix is to update your browser.

Most people experiencing problems are those using browsers tied to their operating system: Safari and Internet Explorer. People using Chrome or Firefox may not have experienced any issues since those are third party browsers that update independently of the operating system.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support through our support portal. We ask that you only use the support portal to submit your question in regards to this email. Our support portal will automatically gather information about you system - if it can - that will speed a resolution of your problem.

Internet Explorer Users: If you have updated your browser or you already are running at least IE 10 and still cannot access the website. Please read Configuring High Encryption Security For Internet Explorer