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Single Length Irons

 Hi Surge,

When I was researcing Bryson DeChambeau and his single-length iron sets, I came across a video from you where you say that single-length clubs don't work because you need the additional length to increase club speed.

I did the math and based on a half-inch per club length progression, the 4-iron is only 1.5 inches longer than the 7-iron - about a one half of one percent. So, assuming the same swing tempo, a player with a traditional 4-iron would only have one half of one percent more club head speed than a player with a single-length 4-iron (e.g. 100 mph vs 99.5 mph).

Club distance is more closely related to kinetic energy of the club head (mass times velocity squared), but since a 4-iron built for single-length clubs is also one half of one percent heavier than a traditional 4-iron, the total difference in kinetic energy remains only one half of one percent. Theoretically, if someone hits a traditional 4-iron 200 yards then, swinging at the same tempo, they would hit a single-length 4-iron 199 yards.

As someone who struggles with clubs longer than my 7-iron, I want this to be true. Can you check this out and give me feedback?

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